• Paintings

    By Ben Brennan are unique paintings on canvas, board, Pantone charts and other mixed media. Some are even set on fire! These paintings are full of colour and texture.         

  • Life Drawing

    Life Drawing Mount Hawthorn Drawings from Life Drawing Mount Hawthorn, every Tuesday night from 6.30 – 9.30pm

  • Process

    Ben Brennan uses fire and found objects in his works, creating interesting visual impact. Explore Art by Ben Brennan’s creative process with us.    

  • Events & Photos

    Art by Ben Brennan seen around Perth in these photos. Busting Shapes, March 2016 at The Ellington Jazz Club IHART 2015 at the Odd Fellow bar, Fremantle Touching the Ground Lightly – OPENING NIGHT March 2015 Potential Exploded – Opening night